So, here I am searching around the world wide web looking for a few promising ideas for this months blog entries. Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind – why not blog about what I found in the searches instead of blogging about a single subject, place or event? So there you go. This entry is nothing more than some things that I found to be rather interesting while searching the web using terms related to “gay nudist”.

Sometimes a little bit of browsing on the internet will return some interesting results. Click on the links below to go directly to the site I mention for each term.

1.Gay Nudist
Apparently he’s not gay but he thinks it’s funny that you might have read that.

2. Gay Nudist Resorts
An interesting site dedicated to gay & lesbian (mostly nudist or clothing optional) campgrounds across the US. Whether you’re going on a road trip or looking for a skinny dip, this site is a must see for the gay naturist traveler!

3. Gay nudist trip
Is this art, porn or just nudist information?? I dunno, check it out and see for yourself. A little bit of everything nude and actually very interesting.

4. Gay Clothing optional
This one I absolutely had to include due to the name of the place. Were they using a play on words to name their hotel after their favorite sex move, or were they seriously too ignorant to realize the connection?? You be the judge.

5. Gay Vacation in Afghanistan
Okay, not sure why I even searched this term. The very first search result is sure enough, all about gay Afghanistan. After reading this, you may have to answer to a bunch of confused people as to why on earth you are vacationing to Afghanistan for a gay vacation. Regardless, the site is surprising and truly interesting.

Of course, The Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa was a result for every search except for “gay vacation in Afghanistan” (for obvious reasons). The Cabanas is an all male resort in Fort Lauderdale with an absolutely beautiful atmosphere and extremely welcoming couples and individuals. For more information on The Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa, visit their website HERE to take a virtual tour.