Sydney gay nudist Stuart Baanstra has announced he will contend for a seat in the NSW upper house at the state election on March 26 and intends to champion the right for all people to be nude wherever and whenever.

“Being nude is the ultimate equaliser. It gives a better perspective and creates a level playing field on societal issues,” he said.

“We would simply like the opportunity to walk down to the shops and do some shopping and have a coffee in the nude rather than the club or beach thing, we just want to get out and about,” he said. “We should also be able to go to work and use public transport in the nude.”

“I have to sell nudity as a gay issue as well. I think it will help acceptance of minority groups, and a whole range of social issues to have greater acceptance,” he said.

A code would be needed to accompany amendments to the Summary Offences Act, he said “to distinguish between what is acceptable and what isn’t”.