Rugby fans with no problem laying their loyalties bare are being invited to hang out at the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club for the World Cup final.

The country’s largest outdoor naturist club is inviting comfortably nude or just plain curious guests to its Henderson base to show their true colors during the weekend of the big match.

President Brent Thomson says the club has big plans for finals weekend on October 22 and 23, the same weekend as New Zealand’s Go Natural week.

The club is set to hold a touch tournament on the Sunday, but players need not worry about the game getting to hands-on, as participant’s will only need to grab their opponent’s armbands.

“If we get enough textile (clothed) people visiting, we might be able to field a clothed team against our nudist footballers,” Thomson said.

“Then at night we’ll be putting on a Kiwi-style dinner of pie and chips and will show the final on our big screen.”

The train station next door to the club so those going to the game are being encouraged to pop in first.

There are no strict rules about being nude.

“People can wear or not wear what they’re comfortable with,” Thomson said.

“My advice though would be to dress down, you don’t want to come here wearing the three-piece suit you wear to church.”

Member Donna Miller said the beautiful grounds and friendly company make it the perfect place for a weekend escape.

“It’s great to leave the confines of the inner-city, pack up the car for the weekend and come here and feel like we’ve had a getaway.”

Thomson said the club was family-friendly environment. “There’s a lot of misconceptions about naturist clubs, people tend to think we’re all walking around with feather boas in stilettos.

“The most looked-at body part at a naturist club is your eyes.”

Source: Fiji Times Online