Looking back on growing up and now  realizing how silly some of the shows we watched most likely makes us all laugh. And the orginal “The Dukes of Hazzard” was let’s just say pretty dumb.

It was on CBS from 1979-1985 and was a huge hit regardless to how dumb it was. With launching the careers of a young and handsome John Schneider and Tom  Wopat as Bo and Luke (as well as replacing them briefly with two hunky look a likes as they demanded more pay) and of course Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke.

This show actually made the confederate flag and the deep South look pretty sexy (OK so the flag statement may be in question?). Oh and I forgot to mention the Dodge Charger better known as the General Lee. Either way it made me want to drive around the South and look for two hot guys that may want to start some trouble…so as they say ‘The South will rise again”.