Well it’s amazing how times have changed and how we now get our porn. With former magazines like Mandate, Honcho and Playguy to cater  to the gay &  sexual revolution that was so taboo just a short time before.

The funny little story behind this is that they were founded by another George W. Bush. Modernismo Publications, Ltd. (MP) were publishers of Mandate, Honcho, and Playguy, popular gay men’s magazines. MP was founded in 1974 by George W. Bush with the publication of Dilettante, which folded in March, 1975. The following month, its successor, Mandate, appeared on the newsstands under the editorship of John Devere.

Yes back in the 1970’s & 80’s there were “dirty book stores” you know the book stores conservatives complained about yet visited so frequently.  Times really  have changed and we can now just go on line or even our smart phones for smut. And we mean smut in the best way.