What’s your idea of the perfect guy?

Nowadays, with the not-so-hot dating scene, we all have to compromise for happiness. Whenever we’re asked “What’s your idea of the perfect guy?” we settle for cute, down-to-earth and will be happy to split the bill whenever we go out for dinner.

But what about the good old times when we used to really dream big? Just because it seems we have to settle for what the dating pool can give us doesn’t mean we should forget about real men who titillate our fantasy.

Meet Miguel Iglasias!


Born in 1986 in Northwestern Spain, he truly does capture the spice and sexuality of his people. With great hair, perfectly chiseled body and glowing skin, he has what it physically takes to be the perfect guy in your fantasies.


But his beauty isn’t just physical. Aside from his devastating charms, he is also an easy going guy with a wicked sense of humor. As soon as he opens his mouth and speaks English with a sharp, sexy accent, you can almost imagine how his bedroom noises sound like.


Is your idea of the perfect guy close to Miguel Iglesias’ appeal? Have you met anyone remotely close to your idea of the perfect guy?


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