Oakland Pride says yes to Babies No to Leather

Oakland Pride says yes to Babies No to Leather

Oakland Pride’s parade and party happened this weekend, but without many of the trappings of a usual Pride: no Dykes on Bikes, no scantily-clad dancers, no guys in leather chaps.

“We had some leather groups from San Francisco who wanted to come, and we politely declined. We want to keep this G-rated,” organizer Carlos Uribe told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We don’t want to compete with San Francisco Pride, we just want to offer a more family-friendly, diverse celebration. Sort of an end-of-summer bookend to SF Pride.”

With a nod to Oakland’s numerous LGBT families — the city has the third-highest concentration of same-sex couples with children —the festival included a petting zoo, puppet shows, and an all-day music festival. Organizers wanted to offer the 30,000 attendees a clear alternative to San Francisco’s raucous, party-hearty Pride.

“We’re going to be the most family-friendly Pride parade anywhere, ever,” Amber Todd, a Pride chair, told the newspaper. “We’ll have something for everyone — gay, straight, pansexual, kids. My 75-year-old mother’s coming, and she’s as straight as the day is long.”

Oakland is a more affordable alternative for raising a family than expensive San Francisco, attracting diverse LGBT couples to settle down and establish roots.
One thing Oakland and San Francisco Pride both shared: politicians. All of the 15 candidates for Oakland mayor were expected to attend the Pride parade down Broadway.

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