If you like country music and better yet “Country Boys” then this news will please you. Country singer and handsome star Ty Herndon came out and declares he’s a proud gay man. In a industry and city known for its macho image this wasn’t easy to do. Yes Nashville has long been known for its conservative leanings and the music industry has not been much different.

Ty Herndon said the following:

“I’ve done a lot of work around forgiveness with people that I’ve hurt and people I’ve not been honest with because of my sexuality,” Herndon told People.

Herndon, who has been married and divorced to women twice, also said that he is currently in “an awesome relationship” with his partner, Matt, and hopes to tie the knot again.

He said the couple, who are devout Christians, weren’t concerned about how to reconcile their faith with their sexuality: “We get to choose who we love, and that includes God, and He loves us back.”