Well ain’t this some ssshhhhh.  The infamously uptight Fox News reported on the top 10 reasons a person should vacation at a nudist resort.  Now, this article isn’t focused on gay nudist resorts, but hey…let’s not push it.

I’m sure you’re reading here with bated breath so without further adieu FoxNews.com’s top 10 reason a person should vacation at a nudist resort…

  1. It’s Good To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  2. You Can Spice Things Up With Your Partner
  3. They’re Completely & Totally Private
  4. They Have Killer Spa Services
  5. They’re Located In The World’s Most Spots
  6. Many Resorts Are All-Inclusive
  7. They’re Great For Mingling
  8. You Can Be A Party Animal
  9. They Can Be Family Friendly
  10. They’re Environmentally Friendly

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