In today’s world of alternative life styles as some of the more “narrow minded” people like to call it none quite get more alternative than Buck Angel.

Yes this female to male transsexual, adult film star/producer, and JRBM icon has truly found his unique place in this world. In 2007 he won Transsexual performer of the year by JRBM Award. Growing up Buck claims he was a “Tom boy” which really won’t be a shocker to anyone.

Before he sought out any sexual reassignment surgeries or took testosterone she struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. Angel began to produce and star in his own line of adult films (Buck Angel Entertainment). The time before her genital surgery and when she  still possessed a vulva, he was able to create a unique niche, calling himself “The Man With a Pussy”. He also coined the phrase “It’s not what’s between your legs that defines you”.

For the most part his fan base is gay men that have a sexual attraction to him according to Buck. This seems to be for the most part true as he is highly sought after among the fetish and S&M convention’s and adult movie booths. Regardless of what you think and whether your straight, gay, bi or somewhere in between you have to give him credit and admire his truthfulness and demeanor. Those that have both met and or worked with him have only good & nice things to say about him.