NoTeabaggingThere are some little fetishes that seem to remain underground or at least quietly shunned in our society. One of the fetishes that needs to brought out into the greater public and no longer taboo is “Teabagging”.

This “Teabagging” is when a mans sack of nuts has been tactfully dropped or placed into another persons (man or woman’s) mouth and not to be confused with the wacky political party. Yes the Teabagging that involves the action of a mans hot sack of nuts being dropped into your mouth is simply a fun, mouthwatering adventure that shouldn’t be shamed or looked down upon.

If you sadly have not yet been able to experience two round balls being dipped, dropped or slipped into your mouth is something you need to do this weekend. There are balls in all shapes and sizes and are as varied as the men there attached to. So if you are reading this silly blog in judgment or discomfort here is my advice: don’t knock it till you try it and I’m sure you will get hooked. Please forward any of your adventures with your experiences.

Happy Teabagging whores!