There’s a social networking site for pretty much everyone.  There are sites specifically for people who like to fish, social networking sites for business professionals and now, there is even a social networking site for nudists. is the largest social networking site for nudists around.  It is completely free to join and you are able to search and meet nudists who are living in your area.  In the past 24 hours alone, 172 nudists have joined this site!

With over a 100,000 nudists on this site, you can chat with people who have similar interests and find out which nudist resorts are there favorites and share some of yours.

The Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa is a clothing optional, all-male gay resort located in gay Wilton Manors.  As the 2011 winner of the Bestie award for Best Guesthouse, The Cabanas Guesthouse is an amazing destination to spend your vacation.

For more information on The Cabanas call 866-564-7764.