What’s not to love about a nice looking guy who has truly tried just about everything in life. Simon Rex first came to fame (well kinda off some level of fame) for being a VJ on MTV and his notorious Jack Off solo video’s.

Yes before MTV there was- In 1993, at age 19, he appeared solo in scenes for three masturbation porn films, Young, Hard & Solo II; Young, Hard & Solo III; and Hot Sessions III. You have to give him credit for doing several sequel’s (even if they were done in the same week).

In 1995, MTV hired Rex to work as a VJ and kept him on the air for over two years.

Rex began to pursue mainstream acting and in 1999 was cast in the television show Jack & Jill, which ran for two seasons. He appeared as “Eli” in the TV show Felicity and television guest appearances followed including Baywatch, Everwood, and Summerland. In 2002, the pilot for the show What I Like About You was picked up by The WB, which now has become the CW . Rex starred in the first season. He later appeared on the Lifetime show, Monarch Cove which ran for 11 episodes in 2006. He also co-produced a pilot for a show called Rex, with supporting roles performed by Paris Hilton, Lance Bass and Jaime Pressley.


Rex entered the music industry as a rap artist after becoming friends with Mickey Avalon. Rex adopted the stage name “Dirt Nasty” and formed the rap group Dyslexic Speedreaders, along with Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy, and Beardo. Rex often toured with the group and collaborated to create the Shoot To Kill mixtape. The group ended abruptly, as Mickey Avalon left due to personal problems involving Rex and Andre Legacy.


In 2007, he released his self titled debut album. Rex appeared on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF in his “Dirt Nasty” persona and in Kesha’s video for her song “Tik Tok”. He appeared in the LMFAO music video for “Yes” and “Sexy and I Know It” .


In 2011, Rex performed at The Piano Room, a Kings Cross nightclub in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Rex was involved in a minor incident at the nightclub, jointly owned by John Ibrahim and investors, including Kyle Sandilands, where a customer allegedly took a microphone from Rex and assaulted him. It was alleged that Rex, in self-defense, punched the man, and was defended by associates of the Bra Boys. In November 2011 Rex performed as Dirt Nasty with KC rapper Mac Lethal at the Mosaic night club in KCMO entertainment district.

Here’s to Simon Rex and his fun and bad boy attitude!