Reason #1

Getting naked, even for a short time can help save your life! I’m not overly dramatic here. It really seems that saving the sale of the narrow, restrictive clothing that impedes the natural flow of blood and lymph may be a real lifesaver. According to researchers, wearing a bra can cause all sorts of inconveniences, including pain and breast cancer. The (admittedly preliminary) research suggests that women who wear bras more than twelve hours per day except for bed, are 21-times more likely to suffer from breast cancer than those who go bras-less twelve hours per day. And those who wear their bra in bed are 125 times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who do not wear the bra at all! In cultures where women do not wear bras, the incidence of breast cancer about the same as for men – virtually zero!

And it’s not just the ladies who are in danger. The same study shows that testicular cancer in men may be caused by tight pants. So, to skip the bra and panties, even if for a short timespan for your vacation, you would be considered much healthier.
Reason #2

Less clothes = less luggage = less hassle. Have you ever noticed how when you pack for a vacation you seem to never have enough clothes? So how do you spend the equivalent of the cost of the vacation on essential garments brought especially for the holidays, yet twice during your stay you find that you won’t even wear it? It is uncanny, is not it? Do not ask me why it works this way – probably an unexplained law of nature – but it happens every time.

Except on a nudist holiday….It’s as if nudist holidays throw the law of nature on its head. The scramble to cover everything clothes-wise is replaced with a disdain for apparel on the edge of obsession. My normal textile two page-packing list is only two lines, namely reduced: 1.) Suitable attire for travel,  and  2.) Shorts/T-shirt for any non-naturist trips. The immediate effect of the textile trimming is that my luggage, which itself is normally equal in volume to a medium-size car, is only a small suitcase.  Not only do these provide for the implementation of easier and faster times to and from the baggage carousel, it also saves on tips. The generosity I distribute otherwise, only to train my luggage to the hotel and transport would feed a family of five for a month. A spin-off from this is that less clothing also means less packing and unpacking, leaving more time for drinking wine and dozing by the pool, which is the whole idea of a holiday in the first place. Well, it is for me anyway

Reason #3

Skin doesn’t stain. Our skin is wonderful. It is not only the largest organ in our body, but it always fits perfectly (Sometimes some of us can have a just a little more than is necessary, but you know what I mean.)Fortunately, it is also easier to keep clean than fabric. My husband has a particular fondness for pancakes. He’d eat ’em all day if I let him. Unfortunately, he also has a tendency to lose the syrup on his shirt.A nudist holiday neatly avoids this problem. While maple syrup may not be particularly easy to remove from a bare chest – and particularly on a hairy male – it’s a whole lot easier than washing it off silk or cotton shirts.

Reason #4

It makes more sense to be naked on a beach than to wear a swimsuit. Let’s face it. A swimsuit serves no useful purpose. It does not keep us dry, warm, and does not even help us to swim. Studies by the West German Olympic swim team showed that swimsuits actually hamper a swimmer. They’re also not healthy. Ticks and lice that bite or sting, That can never hide on a naked body can easily get caught in a swimsuit. So why do we wear ’em

In order to maintain a modest appearance? Hardly. Mens costumes these days are short enough, but ladies bathers are positively tiny, with less material than a small handkerchief. Bikini tops afford less a presence than two stamps on a string, which also means they offer no protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. But according to a survey by Ladies’ Home Journal Americans spend $ 900,000,000 each year on bathing waterCostumes, although eighty-five percent of all swimsuits purchased never touch the water. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Reason #5

Nudist resorts are nice places with nice people. Everyone knows that real nudists are very nice people. Why nudists are especially nice remains a mystery. Perhaps nudism draws in the most pleasant people in the first place, or perhaps even the practice of nudism somehow improves people. Who knows? And really, who cares? Let’s just enjoy the situation. You can leave your car unlocked at a nudist resort, and nothing is taken. Nudist Resorts and Beaches are generally orderly, well-behaved people. Even at a nudist holiday city such as Cap d’Agde, with some 40,000 people at the peak of the season, there is complete abscence of any threatening atmosphere, violence and general clumsiness that fills other holiday hot spots. Every type of crime is virtually non-existent, and most large complexes, even Cap d’Agde, need no more than minimal security.

Reason #6

Nudist entrepreneurs need our support. Despite estimates that the world nude travel business is allocated approximately four hundred million USD a year and growing fast, the nudist holiday industry is still a fragile plant that needs encouragement and support. The fine nudist resorts, to the nudist vacationers who are now fairly far removed from the primitive camp, located in the not too distant past, and by engaging the new generation of vacationers who demand a certain standard of comfort, are largely responsible for the growth of the nude leisure industry. However, quality costs money, and these resorts are businesses, not charities. If we support them, they will remain in business. As the old saying goes, you have to use ’em or lose’ em.

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