Everybody knows that South Florida is known for its fashion, music and of course…the food. Some of the finest offerings can be found in Wilton Manors. Once you hit Wilton Drive, one of the first things you will notice is the plethora of Thai sushi restaurants. If you are a Thai food or sushi connoisseur, you need to check out these places first. And of course, you’ll find many gay-owned and operated restaurants that offer you everything from tapas to burgers to gourmet entrees. For those staying the weekend, Rosies is a must-go for Sunday brunch.

If you venture to the beach, Las Olas or South Beach, you’ll find many palate pleasing choices. Perhaps Latin flavor is what you crave? Then just pick the country and you’ll find a restaurant that will specialize in that country’s food. Gorge yourself on the finest cuts of meat at a Brazilian steakhouse. Seafood enthusiasts? Then Peruvian seafood should be on your bucket list. And of course you can’t come down to South Florida and not try Cuban food. Argentinean, Columbian, Salvadoran…the list of fantastic restaurants goes on and on.

But hold up…did you think that we forgot about our Caribbean neighbors? No chance. If you want spicy, bold flavors and exotic ingredients, stop into any of the numerous Jamaican and Bahamian restaurants and simply indulge.

Only in South Florida will you have the opportunity to taste all the flavors of the world, ENJOY!